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Pension Plan for families

Our service is for families

Having a family goes along with a bunch of responsibilities. Your loved ones typically depend on your income and your ability to work to pay for everyday expenses. You want to be able to provide them with amenities and stability.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Our advisors are there for you

Our advisor can find the fitting solution for you and your family to protect your loved ones against misfortunes. This ranges from better health care to income protection in case you are unable to work and also term risk insurance in case of a fatality. Your family should always have financial security.

Give your kids a head start

It has become more and more important for us to take precautions to prevent old age poverty and to start early with our investments. Setting up a small pension plan for your child can have a huge impact due to the compound interest.

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Expert help at your fingertips

Our team of advisors is at your disposal We help you find the best solution for your pension

How it works

Based on your current coverage we help you improve your situation by giving you personal recommendations. Keeping your pension goal on track and your loved ones secure is our number one goal.

Income protection

The state only covers very minimal coverage in case of you being unable to work. In order to keep up with your current quality of living you will need additional coverage.

Secure your loved ones

In case of your death you should make sure that you leave behind enough financial security for everyone to make ends meet.

Your own pension

We give you an idea of what you can and should expect to receive. Based on your current situation we give you tailored recommendations.

Our awesome features

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