Highly personalized pension recommendations

Receive in-app recommendations of improvements you can make to your pension plan and what you can still do to close the gap.

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How it works

Based on your current situation that you provide us with, we calculate which steps would make a meaningful positive impact for your old-age security both for you personally and your loved ones.

Paint the picture

The more data you give us about your pension situation, not only can you get more clarity on what you actually have, but also the more we will be able to help

Get recommendations

Our expert system will evaluate your situation for tax-efficiency, performance, suitability, family and job situation to create highly personalized recommendations

Discuss it with our advisors

Schedule a call with our independent pension experts should it be necessary to understand the options available to you to close the pension gap.

Our awesome features

The more data we get the more accurate our estimations get

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Visualize the impact on your income

We clearly and visually explain what the recommendation means for your retirement income or the security of your family.

Avoid old-age poverty

We take care to make practical recommendations that have a meaningful impact on your bottom-line

Talk to an advisor

There’s only so much we can communicate through an application which is why we have advisors on-call to help you understand more

Request offers

If you choose to act on the recommendation, our advisors can prepare you with the most suitable offer available on the market for you.

Our awesome features

Created by pension and technology nerds...

...so you don’t have to become one

State-of-the-art technology

With our sophisticated technology you can always see how much pension you can expect to receive when you retire even if unforeseen events occur


Personal advice

Our team of pension experts is only one call or chat message away - Our pension experts have read the laws and are certified pension advisors

Ready to get started

Contact our personal pension advisor for a free assessment and personalized retirement plan or download the app to check what you already have