What can you expect from the government?

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How it works

The more information you give us the more accurate we can estimate your government pensions, the estimation process is broken in four steps ranging from high-level estimation to maximum possible accuracy

Minimum pension estimation

Understand how much pension you will at least receive when you retire.

Basic pension estimation

By adding job and salary information we can approximate how much your government pension likely will be

Get more accurate

By adding your full salary and job history we will be able to get more accurate results of your likely pension.

Discuss government statement

If you have a recent statement from the state then you can upload it and discuss it with an advisor

Our awesome features

The more data we get the more accurate our estimations get

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Our awesome features

Keep an overview for you and your family

Retirement planning for families is rarely a solo affair, which is why we enable you to track you and your partners’ state pension and plan together.

Look at retirement together

We enable you to estimate your joint retirement income and to create a family account were you can see the results together

Plan on retiring together

With our pension planner you can see the impact of retiring together or having one partner retire earlier.

Understand potential risks

You only get the full government pension when you work for 45 years in Germany which is a long time and many things can happen

You may have heard that pensions are a problem

The German government rely on a "Pay-as-you-Go" method of funding pensions. This means they do not set aside any money for the future.


Don’t know what they can expect when they retire.


Of people are nervous when thinking about their pension.


Of your income will be lost when you retire

Get highly personalized recommendations

Based on your current coverage we help you improve your situation by giving you personal recommendations. Keeping your pension goal on track and your loved ones secure is our number one goal.

Income protection

The state only covers very minimal coverage in case of you being unable to work. In order to keep up with your current quality of living you will need additional coverage.

Secure your loved ones

In case of your death you should make sure that you leave behind enough financial security for everyone to make ends meet.

Your own pension

We give you an idea of what you can and should expect to receive. Based on your current situation we give you tailored recommendations.

Our awesome features

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