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Our awesome features

Your pension at a glance

Look at all your potential retirement incomes and see how much you and your family will earn when you retire

State benefits

Know your real government pension the day you retire and see what other benefits you and your family are entitled to

Private pension plans

Keep all of your private pensions in one place and we will tell you how much you can expect from them when you retire while keeping you up to date

Understand statements

Upload your pension statements and convert them into a visual representation of your actual progress so far

Created by pension and technology nerds... you don’t have to become one

State-of-the-art technology

With our sophisticated technology you can always see how much pension you can expect to receive when you retire even if unforeseen events occur


Personal advice

Our team of pension experts is only one call or chat message away - Our pension experts have read the laws and are certified pension advisors

Free evaluation of your current pension situation

We help you understand from the comfort of your couch what you already have by giving you a free evaluation of your existing pension plans and their performance against your goals

Family protection

Analyze how you and your family are protected in old-age

Hidden fee analysis

Existing pension contracts can have high and hidden fees

Performance evaluation

Benchmark your pension plan performance

Tax efficiency

Get the most out of your money and optimize tax-advantages

Our awesome features

The more data we get the more accurate our estimations get

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Our awesome features

Plan your pension and stay on track at all times

With our help you will always stay on track in order to achieve your pension goals

Realize your dreams

Ever wanted to retire on a nice house at the beach? With our pension planner you will be able to see what exactly it would take to live the dream

Avoid surprises

We benchmark the performance of your private pension plans and project the value with sophisticated monte carlo algorithms. You know what to expect and can take action to avoid old-age poverty

Always up-to-date

Provide us with your personal situation and then connect your bank account and enjoy an automatically up-to-date view of your retirement situation

Get highly personalized recommendations

Enjoy personal recommendations tailored to you and your personal situation. Everybody is different and we believe that pensions are an individual affair that deserves careful consideration

Tailored to you

Our recommendations are tailored to your situation and your unique situation. It’s our number one priority to deliver solutions that address our clients needs

Keeping the total picture in mind

We look at your entire situation and give advice that is optimal for you. The more information you give us, the higher the quality of our advice will be

Optimize your plans

We benchmark your existing plans and give you transparent and honest feedback. If we notice you can save money or invest more efficiently we will let you know

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Get your personalized pension plan

Get your Horizon65 pension plan and never feel left in the dark. We are committed to deliver complete transparency and give you full visibility of your investments

Visualize your investments

Unlike most pension providers, we care about transparency, honesty and clear communication which is why you can check where and in what your money is invested in at all times

Socially responsible

We offer you substainable, social and ethical investment portfolios that offer great performance. Our partners offer a wide range of funds adhering to strict environmental, social responsibility and governance criteria

Some of our investment partners

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Frequently asked questions

The most valuable promotion for the self-employed is the immense tax advantage that you can receive. Here, up to 42%+ of your contributions are waiting for you in subsidies.

There is no general answer to this question. In principle, the so-called basic pension, also known as a Rürup pension, is a very good choice. However, the exact design and product selection should be discussed individually with an advisor. Our mission is to find the optimal coverage for you.

For certain occupational groups, there is already an obligation for self-employed persons to pay into a pension or certain pension funds. Regardless of the legal situation, everyone should see it as their duty to provide for their retirement, because at some point the day will come when you can no longer work.

For certain occupational groups, there is already an obligation for self-employed persons to pay into the pension or certain pension funds. Regardless of the legal situation, everyone should see it as his duty to provide for his retirement, because at some point the day comes when you can no longer work.

Basically, existing contracts that you have as a self-employed person cannot be transferred without further ado. This is only worthwhile in rare cases. Often a waiver of contributions is the better choice. However, our advisors examine each case individually.

Our pension plan is 100% digital and completely transparent. Our app always gives you a complete overview of your pension. Our products are completely flexible and allow both regular payments and one-time payments.

Your assets belong to you and are fully secured. Depending on the investment, there may of course be some fluctuations. Depending on your personal security requirements, you can of course also choose products with guarantees.

Yes, we offer sustainable investments that are 100% socially responsible. Typically, such investments have a very good performance on par with a traditional investment.

Yes. Horizon65 is completely independent. There is no dependence on the providers. The consultants also have no requirements to choose certain products. Each client receives transparent and honest advice and a solution that is optimally tailored to them.

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