Horizon65 is on a mission to build the future of pensions!

Pensions can be daunting and complex and the existing pension industry is doing very little to make it more accessible or even digital. 77% of people even say they have no idea of what they actually have and feel unable to make good decisions about their inevitable financial future. We are here to change all that.

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Founded by four fintech veterans

Horizon65’s story begins when Nicolas realized the pension industry needed to change but more important is that when he started to talk about it to everybody that would listen he found his cofounders who joined forces to make this a reality. Seamus was a specialist insurance broker at Clark who never felt his clients were really happy when they contracted a pension plan, the existing providers all felt too opaque and old. Florian was a digital marketing expert at Penta who was actually in talks with brokers to contract his own pension plan and when Nicolas came around to tell him that most brokers don’t understand what they are talking about and just try to confuse their clients into trusting them. He realized that the industry would not serve him, like it doesn’t serve others and became pumped to help us make it better and finally Lorenzo, our CTO, who worked previously for Solarisbank and Taxfix and was mesmerized by the potential impact he could have on everyday lives. Between us, we have decades of experience in technology and are committed to bring the most-needed change so that you can stop to worry about pensions and start to plan the life you desire.

Our leadership team

Nicolas Overloop
Founder & CEO

Before Horizon65, Nicolas started the biggest fintech lender in Spain doing north of 500 million in lending.

Seamus Wolf
Co-Founder & COO

Seamus is our consumate pension nerd and has been advising executives and CEO's on their pension planning prior to joining Horizon65.

Lorenzo Sinisi
Co-Founder & CTO

Lorenzo is an experienced technology leader and has previously worked in core roles at Taxfix and Solarisbank. He is a known speaker on Elixir conferences.

Florian Kassel
Co-Founder CMO

Florian is an experienced marketer and has built his own marketing agency in the past and drove growth at Penta, the fintech business bank.

Committed to crack these very important challenges


Don’t know what they can expect when they retire.


Of people are nervous when thinking about their pension.


Of your income will be lost when you retire

Our Values


We work hard to earn and keep your trust


We think long and hard on how to make a complex topic accessible


We can always do better and we will never stop improving


We are in it for the long haul and hope to work with you until you retire

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us any time!

Yes, we are. We are regulated and licenced by IHK and all of our pension experts undergo constant further education to maintain the highest possible standard.

We are a fully digital service and all of our appointments are done via either phone or video conference. You will be able to solve most of your needs with our app alone but you can always rely on a team of experts that is there for you in case you want to receive any advice or answers to your questions.

The short answer is no! In the case that you decide to choose a pension plan through us, the provider might give us a commission. However, it is very important to us that you receive a contract that works for you and where your return on investment is very good. Therefore we will compare the available plans. We are independent and not bound to work with one company.

Yes, we can. If you are still struggling with your decision we can help you make the right one - just book an appointment with us and we can talk about it.

Great that you ask! YES! We believe that ESG-compliant products are the future. In case this is something you do not want we can choose to go with a non-ESG plan too.

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